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Carson Office

208 E. Carson St. #103
Carson, CA 90745
Call: (310) 549 - 5692

Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Pronto Carson

Any clients who choose the Carson, California 90745 office location of Pronto Income Tax are sure to receive a truly outstanding tax preparation value. Our Carson team is extremely experienced and extremely affordable.  Maybe that's why, according to a recent IRS e-file report, our Carson team did the most tax returns of any tax preparation company in the entire 90745 zip code.

Carson residents love to get a great value and that's what they're getting at the Carson office of Pronto Income Tax.  

Our Carson office is open year-round and we have parking in the back of the building.

Kent Frye
Kent FryeEnrolled Agent E.A./ President of Pronto Income Tax
Joe Earnest
Joe EarnestTax Professional
Sonia Lugo
Sonia LugoTax Profesional
Jim Gustavson
Jim GustavsonTax Professional

Meet the Carson Pronto Income Tax Team

In the Carson office we have Enrolled Agent Kent Frye, the Boss of the Company with 50 years of tax preparation and consulting experience (yes you ready that right, 50 years in the tax game).

Then right next to Kent we have the legendary local Carson tax man Joe Earnest, who has 29 years experience doing taxes and is usually the tax preparer in our company who does the most tax returns per year and yet also has the lowest erorr rate of any of our team. When you figure out how that's possible or makes sense, give me a call will ya! :)

And then to round out the Carson office crew we have Sonia Lugo, who has become a truly excellent tax professional and offers service in Spanish or English.  Last but not least we have Jim Gustavson who takes time off from his main job as an engineer to come help out and do tax returns when the office gets really busy.  Jim also has about 20 years experience doing taxes.