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Imelda Ledesma


When you deal with Imelda, you are dealing with someone who is first of all incredibly conscientious and caring, she is an unsual combination of street-smarts, book-smarts, and kindness to people. 

She has an incredibly diverse skill set and is one of those people who can figure out how to do just about anything she sets her mind to.

Imelda is an accomplished entreprenuer in her own right, conducting her own thriving photography business in addition to her tax work. 

Imelda is also a certified massage therapist who specializes in therapuetic massage for people with injuries or chronic pain--feel free to insert your own joke here about how that's a good fit to work in a tax office because taxes can cause injuries and are a chronic pain!  :)

Imelda is a multi-talented individual whose skills and experience create so much value for Pronto Tax clients, especially our self-employed and freelancer clients who benefit from her expertise with regard to self-employed tax deductions.

Imelda is further distinguished by her amazing budgeting and personal spending skills and she often shares budgeting tips with clients during the tax preparation experience.

Imelda holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree from Cal-State Long Beach in Business Administration: Finance, Real Estate, and Law.

Guess who can be the beneficiary of all Imelda's hard work and study? YOU, our valued client. Imelda is living proof of what "start-up mentality" is all about: she is versatile, hard-working, and she just flat-out gets the job done.

A truly impressive lady and a fantastic member our team!

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