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"How Much Do You Charge to Do Taxes?"

This is one of the most common questions any tax place hears.

It's not easy to answer because every situation is different and it's very difficult to know ahead of time all of what might be required to provide you with the tax help you need and deserve.

That being said, let's start with this SIMPLE FACT:

Pronto has had THE most reasonable and accessible prices on tax preparation in the entire tax industry for the past 5 DECADES, period point blank, and no one can deny that fact! 

The Boss Kent Frye has persistently refused to raise prices to market levels despite our continued investments in staff and technology, and we kind of love him for that, he has such a huge heart for everyone out there working hard to make ends meet in this world where everything seems to cost 10x more than it used to, a lot of our fellow professionals and various consultants think we're "dumb" for not charging what we could but we follow Kent's lead in an effort to bring the highest-quality financial services to everyone regardless of how much money you do or don't have, giving you the best value we possibly can is just a part of our Company DNA:

Kent Frye

Yes indeed thanks to Kent's leadership, our Pronto Clients regularly and consistently save $50-$500 on tax preparation costs, every single year.

What Is More Important to You?  Getting a High-Quality Service or an Accessible Price?  At Pronto, the Answer is "Both"!

When thinking about the price of tax preparation, you really have to be careful to not just go for a "bottom of the barrel" price-based decision.  Remember, at Pronto, we have a great staff of experienced tax preparers to handle all your tax prep & consulting needs.  And in more than 50 years in business and hundreds of thousands of tax returns processed, not one single client who ever had a problem related to our work has been left without assistance, because we stand behind our work 100% 365 days per year.

Also please remember: there is a difference between "price" and "cost."  The price of going to a tax preparer who does not do what we do may be cheaper than what we charge, but the cost of going to a tax preparer that does not do what we do can be immense.  We know the cost of low-quality tax preparation because we are the tax pros people come to when they suddenly have a problem and their other tax preparer suddenly stopped answering the phone!

Before we discuss prices any further, then, please do us all a favor and let's focus for a moment on the VALUE our team provides:

  • 2 Enrolled Agents on staff year-round
  • Year-round service
  • Third generation family business
  • Same preparers to serve you year after year
  • 5 star Yelp reputation
  • 5 office locations in LA
  • 50 years of service
  • Strategic alliances with other top-quality financial services providers to give you a "more than just tax prep" experience

And we could go on but we don't want to sound like we're bragging because yeah we know we're not perfect, but we care about you, a lot, and when you combine actually caring about people with true expertise and trust earned over a period of decades well then that's when you start to see value in our service.

Pronto Income Tax Team

Some More Facts about Pronto Income Tax Prices

Some tax returns are very simple to prepare, some are very complex. Some take 10 minutes, some take 10 hours. Some can be done by a first year tax preparer who has only gone through basic training, some must be done by an experienced tax professional who has studied taxes for many years.

Also, prices for our service can vary depending on what office location you are visiting; remember, our rent and other occupancy costs can vary greatly depending on location, and we also "tailor" our pricing to meet the budgets of our local communities.

The Carson, East LA, and Monrovia locations charge based on the forms included in your tax return; no unnecessary forms are ever included with the intent of charging you more, we give you what you need and what benefits you, based on your situation.

In West LA and Van Nuys locations, we are employing a pilot program of new, innovative package pricing that keeps prices accessible but also strives to give you even more for your money:

Downloadable Pronto Pricing for Tax Preparation for West Los Angeles Office

Descargable precios Pronto para la Preparación de Impuestos para West Oficina de Los Angeles

Downloadable Pronto Pricing for Tax Preparation for Van Nuys Office

Descargable precios Pronto para la Preparación de Impuestos para Van Nuys Oficina

Keep in mind as professional service providers who have been "around the block" more than a few times in the tax game we always reserve the right to charge less or more than posted prices based on particular situations, we are here to make a living and in order to keep the quality of staff we have we need to provide good earning opportunities for our people, but in 90% of situations we beat the compeition on pricing on the daily and if you shop around we guarantee you will find this to be a fact.

No Blind Price Quotes Available, But Happy to Give You a General Price Range

Due to the continued growth in complexity of the tax code, we no longer give "blind price quotes" over the phone or online, but we can give you a general price range no problem.

Our price range for a Basic tax return is $89-$139. This would be a 1040 tax return that uses the standard deduction with maybe one or two other small things such as student loan interest, an IRA deduction, 401K withdrawal, etc. To get this price, it does not necessarily have to be a 1040EZ, it just would be a relatively straightforward 1040 tax return that a Pronto preparer can do in 30 minutes or less (including "behind the scenes" work such as e-filing your return, setting up your appointment, etc.).  A Basic tax return can be completed accurately and efficiently by any member of our team.

Our price range for an Expert level tax return is $165-$299. This would be a "long form" with Schedule A or Schedule C.  Or a tax return with credits such as Earned Income Credit, Additional Tax Credit, Education Credit, or another tax credit that must be carefully handled to avoid any problems with IRS.  In a world where "do-it-yourself" online tax filing has taken away a lot of the "easy" tax returns, we find that most Pronto Clients are now falling into this 'middle tier' where they are coming to us with a need for our expertise, but we are still able to deliver a high-quality service at a price that's under $300.

And then we have our price range for what we refer to as Sophisticated tax returns, these will run $250 and up, just depending on the situation.  If you are a business owner, have rental properties, lot of stock trades, property sales, or other tricky stuff, you will be at the Sophisticated level.  Most clients with Sophisticated tax returns who come to Pronto have already been paying extremely elevated prices for tax preparation--so, ironically, it is often the Sophisticated clients who see the greatest tax preparation cost savings from our aggressive value pricing strategy.

Keep in mind too we also offer a large array of payment options including the ability to pay your fee out of your refund with no money out-of-pocket today.

Joe Earnest

Please "shop around" and CALL US LAST, because we can assure you that our fees are extremely reasonable especially when you consider the value of what you're getting.

Pronto Protection

Want a Discount?  Take Control and Give Yourself a Discount!

You're always getting a great value when you choose Pronto; no need to ask for a discount, then, because your savings are already included when we give you the price. 

We also offer the opportunity for you to give yourself an additional discount when you participate in our referral program.

Yes you can refer a friend or family member to Pronto and get paid $20 for every new client you send us!  Refer 5 new clients, you just saved yourself an extra $100 on your tax prep fee.  You'll also be entered into our Referral Contest with a $1,000 CASH grand prize!

 Pronto Income Tax Referral

Help Keep Affordable Tax Prep Service Alive!

Have you noticed that tax preparation fees have been going up rapidly over the past 10 years and even Pronto's prices have gone up?

The reason why this has happened is because our government has chosen to make the tax code more and more complex every single year.  To put the matter bluntly, the costs and complexity of running this type of business have gone THROUGH THE ROOF, to the point now where many tax places are charging $300 even for simple tax returns.  We use to write up tax returns in 10-15 minutes, now between ObamaCare and everything else that has been added to the tax code you practically need a PhD to do this kind of work at at professional level, we are not trying to complain (we love what we do) but seriously: many Americans now pay more for tax preparation than they even pay in income taxes!


We want more than anything and we are working our absolute hardest to keep our prices ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE.

And that's why we want you to meet the most important person in keeping Pronto prices for tax preparation so notoriously budget-friendly:


Only you can help keep your tax preparation fee as reasonable as possible by:

1) being organized when you come to do your taxes, and;

2) REFERRING FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  We are a "volume business," meaning that the more clients we have, the less we can charge each client.  That's our story for 50+ years now and we're sticking to it.

Help keep Pronto Tax Prices accessible to all people by telling a friend about Pronto Income Tax!